Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation Lawyers Explain This Area to You

Real estate lawsuits can be very frightening as a lot of money is usually at stake, enough to break most people and companies. We are litigation strategists. Sure, we know real estate law, but more important, strategy can save the day and save you a lot of money as well. Have a look at the information presented or simply call us at 619-793-4827 and we will be happy to explain everything to you now, to provide you some well-needed peace of mind.

real estate litigation

When Asking Nicely Is Not Cutting It

Real estate transactions and investment involve several moving parts which sometimes leads to problems that cannot be solved through standard negotiation. When you find yourself against the wall due a lack of cooperation, negligence, malfeasance, bad faith or other issues due to the conduct of a government agency, buyer/seller, real estate broker/agent, title company, insurance company or some other entity we can help. Our orientation is to solve the problem in as affordable way as possible. Often when the party giving you trouble realizes that you have retained a lawyer they will be more likely to negotiate and the problems can be solved relatively quickly.

Sometimes, however we will have to resort to ratcheting up the pressure by drafting a lawsuit and trying first to present it to them as a negotiating method. This is an often overlooked tool that saves you money and time as our client, which translates into a smoother operation of your investments and your increased satisfaction with us. Making your life easier is our absolute priority.

There are situations, however, where we will be forced to pursue litigation due to the continued resistance of the other party. This is where our seasoned litigation experience comes into play. Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff (the entity who sues for alleged wrongdoing), we will rigorously pursue your interests in court. For defendants we will do our utmost to leverage any counter-claims (lawsuits based on the plaintiff’s wronging you in some way) you may have, while demonstrating to the court that the plaintiff does not have a case. The stronger the argument we provide to the court that the plaintiff has simply not met their obligation to prove their case to the court, the more likely the litigation will end before it ever gets moving.

Naturally, for the plaintiffs we represent we will aggressively and diligently advocate for you by presenting the absolute best case for you in court in order to overcome any resistance by the defendant. Once we demonstrate to the court that you have a viable case, you can then chose to try and leverage a settlement or go to trial. Either way, we will be there with you every step of the way vigorously representing your interests.

An Ounce of Prevention Can Go a Long Way

While every problem cannot be prevented, we are happy to provide you with excellent services regarding real estate contracts and situational advice intended to head off a lawsuit before it becomes necessary. Whether you find yourself concerned that a transaction may lead to a dispute in the beginning stages or in its later stages, we will provide you with well-considered advice regarding any potential risks and how they may be reduced. In other situations you may find yourself questioning the actions of a real estate broker, partner, lender or some other party, and may want to understand if what they are doing is proper or may be damaging your interests.

Due to the potential expense of a full-fledged lawsuit, it is important that you retain our services early. By investing a little bit in our legal expertise you can save yourself a tremendous amount of trouble and money in the long-run.

Cases Involving Private Parties

Real estate cases can involve virtually any type of participant in a real estate transaction or operating investment including the misconduct or negligence of real estate brokers, architects, contractors, buyers/sellers, lenders, title companies, insurance companies, tenants/landlords, adjoining property owners, and others. Accordingly, there are many reasons why you may find yourself in need of our services.

For instance if you are involved in a commercial or residential purchase agreement situation in which the seller fails to disclose important facts that would have prevented you from buying the property, you may find yourself at risk of losing a lot of money due to costly repairs or the inability to operate your business or live in your home. We will ensure that your injury is made right and that your interests are made whole. Likewise, you might find as a seller that a buyer is trying to weasel out of their obligations and is refusing to perform according to the terms of the purchase contract. We will provide a strong incentive for the buyer to act as it should in order to get the deal done, or make sure that your interests are otherwise made whole.

Many real estate brokers and agents are highly professional and diligent people who promote your interests first, but sometimes you will find that your interests have been damaged by the negligence or misconduct of your agent or broker. Sometimes your claim may be blatant and other times it may be subtle, but in either case we will zealously work to recover any damages related to this misconduct or negligence.

As you know, the services of an architect or contractor can be essential for the success of a real estate investment. Additionally, malfeasance or negligence by these entities can lead to catastrophic or expensive results. You may find that a contractor or architect has failed to adequately follow proper regulation requirements or has simply not acknowledged your instructions or otherwise breached their obligations. If we are able to address the problem before the structure has been built we may be able to negotiate the departure of the offending architect or contractor before an unsound or incompliant building has been built, while saving you as much money and headache as possible. If the building or improvement has already been constructed, we can work towards rectifying the wrong so that you can build the compliant and safe building you needed in the first place while seeking compensation for the inconvenience and loss of income you suffered.

Regardless of the problem and the type of party you are having or had difficulty with, we will work hard to reduce the effects of any injury and to make the best of any situation.

Meeting Regulations or Cases Involving the Government

Whether or not you are preparing to develop a piece of property, or are having issues involving code enforcement or land use, we will help you navigate the confusing and unwieldy requirements and regulations involving real estate. Whether your issue involves local, state or federal law we can help you meet any challenge at any stage relating to compliance with government regulation or actual conflicts with government agencies. Naturally, we would like to be there to prevent a conflict before it arises by providing you with preventative transactional services, but we also are there for you when you need us to stand between you and a government agency.


Whether or not you find yourself concerned about a potential problem, or are in the midst of a significant dispute involving a private party or government agency we are here to help. We will provide you with the best service possible at the best possible price. When you find yourself in a bind you should seek to contact us as soon as possible to reduce the potential damage. We will do that for you and work hard to make sure that you can get back to business and back to making money off of your real estate transaction or investment. Call now and speak with an attorney who understands ‘your’ language…remember, we are a law firm ‘for’ entrepreneurs, run by an entrepreneur. Call 619-793-4827.