San Diego Business Seminars: The C Class Solution

Business Consulting is Something Every Business Needs

When we meet people at various events and conferences, they often ask us what we mean by consulting. Until now, consulting was really something only the largest of companies did. However, recently there has been a trend among small and mid-sized firms to hire consultants as they are realizing that they cannot do everything themselves. Even if they can, the learning curve can be costly, both in terms of money and loss of market share while someone else is doing what you can do, but faster.

San Diego Business Consulting

There are many types of consulting available. What we work with the most are three types:

  1. Growth
  2. Business Process Re-engineering,
  3. Turnaround.


Growth is an important component of consulting. Although most entrepreneurs would state that growth is a wonderful problem to have, it can actually threaten a company’s integrity and values. We don’t have to inform you of the many times you may have dealt with a company that was friendly and easy to work with when small but later grew and lost your business.

There are many aspects to growth that have to be addressed, ranging from customer service levels, to equipment and logistics. Cost controls should be placed into effect and realistic budgets should be adhered to. Often, the growth can be due to a one-time event ( a client, a product, or some other nonrecurring situation) and you want to strategically plan so that should this event recur, you are not finding yourself in a situation where you have an expensive infrastructure to support. However, with growth, you have many other needs such as equipment, scalability of the company, and human resources. If you have no experience in this area you can make mistakes that can take a surprising amount of money to repair.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Not exactly between growth and turnaround, Business Process Re-engineering can be useful at any stage. Though companies often feel that if money is coming in and profits are growing, there is no need for help, that is sometimes when help can really make a difference. If you are succeeding, you want to maximize your profits. In business, you never know how long a good streak lasts, and when you have one, you need to maximize it. Business Process Re-engineering encompasses the systems you use in management of the company, how your company’s design is structured, and the order of your workflow.


Sometimes things don’t go as planned, even if you do everything right. The question to ask yourself is how much money and market share can you lose until you bring in a second point of view. In this area, consultants are vital, rarely optional. In this type of situation you need both a business consultant a financial consultant. We can help with your business consulting and we work with various financial wizards who can pinpoint your areas of difficulty while our business consulting division will contribute to a turnaround solution so that you can get out of the difficult position you are in.

Consulting for San Diego Businesses

Regardless of your situation, you are welcome to stop by and discuss your business and its current needs. If we can offer you some good ideas and some consulting assistance, we will gladly do so. Call now at (619) 793-4827