San Diego Business Seminars: The C Class Solution

San Diego Business Seminars Free of Charge:

  • OBTAIN SOLUTIONS TO WHAT IS TROUBLING YOUR COMPANY (In law, negotiation or consulting-related issues).
  • NETWORK (Bring business cards…you’ll never know who you meet!)

San Diego business seminar

Welcome to our ‘C’ class San Diego Business seminar series. You will get to mingle with us and your peers in order to make your business more successful. As you may know, growth can be just as fatal to a company as turnaround; each has its challenges.

Our seminar series is for San Diego’s ‘C’ class: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, and so on. To qualify, you need to have 10 employees or more, excluding yourself. We have tried to be as lenient as possible here. If you do not meet these requirements, but still want to join us, we will charge you $100 (credit card/cash/check) and 100% of the money will go to purchase toys for dogs in San Diego area dog shelters (the cause of abandoned dogs is a passion of mine).

As I grow this series, my goal is to have it one evening a week. At this time, we will have it every two weeks until the word spreads. Our conference room seats 10. I feel this is an optimal environment to give everyone an opportunity to participate. Depending on what all the participants are looking for, we may either go to a larger room in the future, or keep it small and just offer more than one evening or afternoon a week.

If something is offered for free, people don’t respect it. This is a challenge of mine [as you observe, business challenges don’t end, and even small ones such as this have far-reaching consequences]. As a response to that issue, in the future, we will charge for membership. All of you ‘charter’ members until that time will receive a free one-year membership that starts when we start charging, so all these conferences now will be an added bonus. When we ‘do’ charge, half our revenue will go some aspect of dog shelters in San Diego (toys, food, housing).

The other question I am asked is why we are doing this. OK, here is the answer:

  1. I love business. I enjoy being in the company of entrepreneurs. What better way to attract the group I enjoy most?
  2. I don’t want you to switch law firms. However, at some time in the future, you may have a problem that requires an expertise your current law firm does not handle. Maybe your friend does not have a law firm and requires a referral; we would appreciate being one of the firms you consider referring.
  3. Alternatively, you may require negotiation. Companies and individuals are not accustomed to thinking of a negotiator to resolve their problems. There are very few high-level negotiators in the country, let alone San Diego. Most people have no idea what we do. A lawyer chose to argue with me in stating he negotiates for his clients. Throwing offers back-and-forth is not negotiation in the sense that I understand it. Negotiation, I explained to him, is when he can get on the phone, retrieve the (internationally) kidnapped son of a federal agent (who had all the firepower resources he needed) and get the child back with no money changing hands. That’s negotiation…. and it’s fast (99% complete in a week).
  4. You may require consulting services. I was trained by one of the three people in the world who developed Business Process Re-engineering (along with the late Mike Hammer and Jim Champy), and wrote a 3-foot set of books for CSC Consulting. I re-engineer my firms at least annually and I think it’s critical. However, very few people understand it and even less do it. It’s the best way of eliminating fat in your firm, streamlining processes, and improving your EBIDTA.

These seminars are not about selling our services. There is no pressure and no sales are involved. We are here to solve your problems. Our philosophy is that if you experience what we are capable of, and like us, hopefully some day in the future you or someone you know will consider us. That’s it. No hidden agendas. In fact, you are more than welcome to bring cards and brochures about what you do and tell all of us…maybe we could use ‘your’ services! In the meantime, let’s solve your problems, become friends, network, and prove the theory that a great team [the participants in the room] is much, much more than the sum of its parts.

Remember there are only 10 available every 2 weeks.

It will be a pleasure meeting as many of you as possible. Business is my game of choice. However, my experiences in the business world have demonstrated that law alone is not the solution to all the problems a business faces. There are many other aspects and disciplines that can help (i.e. negotiation and Business Process Reorganization for example). The problem is, if you go to someone who only sees one aspect and has blinders on, nothing else matters. For example, if the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. Well, it’s 2011 and that does not work any more. You need to have a multidisciplinary approach. Our challenges in business (and yes, I own businesses other than my law firm) are both multidimensional and multilayer (i.e. many different aspects affect it simultaneously). Really, running a business can be likened to analyzing the stock market. No one factor affects the market; sure one can affect it more. However, everything from Fed rates, to earnings reports, to problems in Egypt, not to mention activity in the options market, and even Betas, volume changes, insider sells…everything. Same for your business. What you don’t know can and ‘will’ hurt you. We can’t know everything, but we sure know a lot more than just law.

See you soon,
Steven Riznyk