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We have been dealing with Labor and Employment law issues for decades. We have dealt with these issues not only for clients, but for friends. As a result, we represent both employers and employees. Although some people wrongfully believe this is not a good idea, we think it is a great one.

Representing employers, we know what employees can say and do, what to expect and what surprises can be in store. Representing employees, we have a deeper understanding of what they feel, what bothers them, and why they feel betrayed.

What we have learned from each side has helped us become much better Labor and Employment lawyers because we have a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements of both employers and employees. Nothing beats experience; especially when you are at a Labor Board hearing and there is no time to prepare an answer for a question you didn’t anticipate.California’s Labor and Employment laws make this a very hard state in which to conduct business, which is why a Labor and Employment lawyer should be considered an integral member of your team


Although people are only supposed to collect unemployment in California if they are fired, we witnessed a recent case scenario where a rogue employee destroyed a company’s infrastructure, lied to the employer, stole from him, and later resigned. The Labor Board decided to ignore the resignation and approve unemployment, which the employer then would have to pay for. We were hired to appeal this case. As an employer, do you think you should know at least ‘one’ Labor and Employment lawyer? It’s safe to know your situation before you end up in front of the Labor Board …by then it’s often too late.The best way to prevent disasters in this dangerous area of law is to meet with us in advance of an explosion.

Whether you are an employer or employee, don’t wait until something irreversible happens. Employers especially have major problems with 1099 issues and many just don’t get it. As a California employer you need to know which people are employees and which are independent contractors; if you don’t, call us at (619) 793-4827; if you simply have a few questions, call us, no charge if you only need some questions answered.

You cannot imagine the fines and problems employers are encountering since SB (Senate Bill) 459 became law. An employer faces a $10,000 fine ‘in addition’ to all the other fines and penalties. The longer you wait, the more they add up, so you really need to deal with this issue as soon as you discover it. We look forward to making your life an easier one, whether you are an employer or employee, our Labor and Employment law division want to bring some peace of mind and justice to your life. Call now and get it over with.

San Diego Labor Lawyer

If you are an employer and are not sure about your policies, come and meet with our firm for 45 minutes and let’s look at what you’ve got so we can keep you out of trouble and from spending a lot of hard earned money in the future! We have prepared this website as well as possible so that you have a lot of information here. However, if you prefer a 3-dimensional outlook, call today at (619) 793-4827.

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