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We Are The Law Firm That Gets The Job Done. Period.

We Are The Firm That Gets The Job Done!

Whether yours is a small, owned-and-operated business or a massive, multinational corporation, you want results. When facing a difficult business litigation issue, that need for results becomes even more important. You want attorneys with a record of success and a highly respected reputation.

At San Diego Biz Law APC, we are a confident group of litigation-minded attorneys. From our founder, attorney Steven Riznyk, a high-level negotiator who trains other attorneys, on down through the ranks of our firm, our lawyers make a point of taking on tough cases for our business clients from San Diego, across California and all over the world. Learn more about our founder by reading his bio below:

Tech-Savvy Attorneys

Technology is always advancing in new and surprising ways that upend our understanding of the law and business. Our attorneys work on the bleeding edge of legal and personal technology. They are informed of new developments and prepared for any possibility.


Our offices, our firm – everything about our presence – is designed around providing a service. We put the CEOs we work with at ease with our dedication and legal skill in litigation. We want to make the meeting with our team a breeze. Our offices are designed with service in mind.

The point is that we want you to like your attorney. We want you to be comfortable with them and the work they will do for you.

Big-Firm Results Without The Big-Firm Costs

We promise to provide a high level of service and dedicated resources to our clients without the high price tags of other firms. We help our clients in such matters as:

We balance our highly effective service with cost-efficient, dedicated action.

Get A Meeting With Your Attorney

We are extremely passionate about pursuing success in your case. We are highly effective litigators in court, and we do not lose sight of what you need in your case. Call our office at 877-223-4684 or send us an email to get started.