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San Diego Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law started by accident with our firm. We originally wanted to expand to London with international business law. However, our clients stated that they couldn’t give us their international business work as they could not get their people into the United States. Our immigration law practice was born. Today, after completing thousands of immigration law cases in 24 years, we have a 99.6% success rate. We have created some of the most complex immigration law cases in the country for over 80 law firms in the United States.

I am working with Steven Ryznik for our immigration matter. He is amazing and I can say that with confidence since I have met with numerous immigration lawyers and had two previous lawyers screwing up our case. He is very knowledgeable, returns calls within 10 minutes, in other ...
Vicky P.
Steven is a fantastic lawyer - not just because he won me a nice settlement last year but because he never tries to nickle and dime me. He is very easy to get in contact with and has offered me plenty of free advice that has saved me a lot ...
Stephen C.
Absolutely wonderful. Was honest about my situation and didn't push me for services since I didn't need them. Helped me out with one question and didn't charge me.
Paul F.
Mr. Riznyk is by far the most well rounded attorney that I have had the opportunity to meet. His experience and negotiation skills are two things you must have on your side when dealing with any business litigation matter. He was very willing to help even late in the day ...
Martin R.
I was very happy with my free initial consultation with the lead attorney at San Diego Biz Law. He was very knowledgeable, and he gave me considerable useful information.
Justin C.
Mr. Riznyk was very outgoing, professional and very considerate and compassionate. Handled my situation and i will never look for another attorney.
Anthony T.
Probably the most informative 10 minute conversation I have ever had. I had some questions regarding the new h1b restrictions and it's impact on future physicians and Steve was able to spell it out for me in a very concise manner. I'm so happy I just decided to call, because ...
Doralice F.
A "Lawyer in Style" is probably the best way to describe my experience with Mr. Riznyk.I had an issue with my Home Owner Association, where I found them in violation of the very governing documents they are supposed to uphold. I had to get a legal advice on the ...
Garik M.
Since i moved here from Los Angeles a few years ago I didn't know many lawyers but a good friend recommend that I meet Steven Riznyk from San Diego biz law. My meeting with Steven was excellent. He understood my problems and assured me that all that was ...
Ron G.
I never felt alone along the process. Whenever Mike or I had any confusion it was promptly cleared up by the lawyer’s office, by either the lawyer Steven Riznyk himself or his very capable and friendly assistant, Emily Butler. Many thanks for sticking with us throughout the application process. Since ...
Daniela G.


Business and Immigration Law

In this modern day and age, business and immigration often intersect. If you are a biotech firm, we can help you bring in a volume of H1s. Mr Riznyk’s first degree is in biochemistry and experimental genetics. He will know how to explain your case. If you are a tech firm, not a problem, as he was a Fortune 500 Business Process Re-engineering consultant and later had to learn technology for his DVDs on immigration.

It helps if you have an immigration lawyer who understands your business. If the lawyer doesn’t understand it, how will he or she explain it to a government officer? if you are opening an international office alone, we can help you with an E or L visa; as you have learned, we know business. We prepare EB5s from scratch or for Regional Centers. On that note, we can help you create all the business paperwork (ie Limited Partnership Agreement) to make your company into a Regional Center and then get it approved by the CIS for that purpose.

How Will We Meet Your Immigration Law Needs?

We specialize in complex cases, appeals, and criminal waivers but can do almost anything you need. In order to have a feel for our knowledge base in immigration, feel free to visit:

If you have a criminal record that may affect your immigration status, you may wish to visit:

Don’t worry about the phone numbers, they all ring to the same switchboard but we have a logistics center in Dallas and a research facility in London, England (with CA counsel). We look forward to helping you!

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