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An open, competitive marketplace is one of the greatest benefits of business in the U.S. However, when companies collude to price fix or minimize competition, there may not be much that a smaller company can do – at least not on its own.

At San Diego Biz Law, we are skilled antitrust litigators with a reputation for taking on massive lawsuits. As of this writing, our lead antitrust attorney is working on a $100 million antitrust case. When the viability and existence of your company are under direct threat from anticompetitive actions from large competitors, we’ll be there.

The Legal Landscape Of Antitrust Law in California

Antitrust legal actions have a long history in America and California. If you believe that you, the consumer, or you, the business owner, are under the thumb of a manipulated market, you will find support in such laws as:

  • The Sherman Antitrust Act: The federal anti-monopoly law, the federal first of its kind, was enacted in 1890.
  • The Cartwright Act: This is California’s main antitrust law that outlaws two or more parties attempting to restrict commerce.
  • The Unfair Practices Act: This California law prohibits the sale of goods below cost, which is a common tactic to control a market for large companies.
  • The Unfair Competition Act: This California law prohibits unfair market practices such as fraud or deceptive marketing.

Additionally, there are some international authorities that respond to cross-border instances of antitrust problems. However, to pursue such actions against anti-competitive actors, you need a legal team you can count on.

Experienced, Insightful Litigators

Our firm has represented clients on both sides in antitrust litigations, from class action litigation, high-stakes bet-the-company disputes and defending against unilateral-conduct antitrust lawsuits. We know how the law works and how to build your case and pursue your goals in and out of court.

You get an attorney devoted to your company and your goals when you come to San Diego Biz Law APC. We speak with you directly. We provide our clients with the big law firm experience without the big law firm cost. Call our office in San Diego at 619-793-4827 or send us an email using this form.