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Our Labor Board Hearing lawyers have been representing both employers and employees at Labor Board hearings since about 1984. Many Labor Board Hearing firms represent one side or the other. With many years of litigation experience, we have learned that representing both sides at the Labor Board has been an invaluable experience in understanding how the other side thinks and acts.

With the recent changes such as SB (Senate Bill) 459, employers have been challenged more than ever. Being an employer in San Diego is no easy task. What most employers do not realize, to their own detriment, is that they need need need representation at these hearings. Out of principal, many go there and fight out their position, only to walk out with a massive fine. Employees, on the other hand, often do much better with a Labor Board Hearing lawyer because there are other laws some employers have violated that they may not be aware of, leading to a greater settlement.


There are some great employers (most) and there are some bad employers, and that is why employees need representation. The bad ones seem to more than make up for the good ones, by taking advantage of the very people who support them. On the flip side, there are some great employees (most) and some downright bad employees, and employers need to protect themselves. We have dealt with some complex cases where employers have been set up by their employees and what surprises us is that they are so angry that they go to the hearing without a Labor Board Hearing lawyer out of principal just to show how right they are. Regrettably, there is nothing worse than getting angry at a Labor Board Hearing.

Credibility is a factor to be considered, not only in a Labor Board Hearing, but in any proceeding. We are all human, and being taken advantage of is the worst thing that can happen to us. It’s normal to get upset but it will still cost you dearly. You have to come across as a reasonable person or you will certainly not endear the judge. That is one of the many reasons why it works to have a Labor Board Hearing lawyer represent you.

Call us today at 619-793-4827 and let’s look at the case together. Please don’t wait until something bad has happened to hire us. Appeals have a very small chance of winning. Moreover, an appeal can only be based on the facts that were presented at the hearing. If you are upset or angry, all you need to do is forget one very important issue and it’s all over. Labor Board Hearing law, next to family law, is one of the most emotional areas of law we have ever dealt with and so many mistakes are made because people go to Labor Board Hearings without a lawyer.

Our first discussion should be about understanding all of the facts of the case. Then, we look at the law. Last, but not least, it’s all about Strategy. Many lawyers simply use a legal perspective. That is not always enough. Strategy and negotiation are critical, and we have a high-level negotiator on staff, one of the country’s top 36 people. He will inject strategy into the case so that your Labor Board Hearing is successful. Remember the definition of a great negotiator: Someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way you look forward to the trip. This is what he does to the other side.

Another advantage of having a negotiator on your team is that in many cases we resolve the case before it goes to all the way to a Labor Board Hearing. That’s called being a negotiator and businessperson, not just a lawyer. Call now and see why people drive all the way from LA (which is filled with lawyers) to deal with us. Call 619-793-4827. We often work late and weekends so feel free to call now, regardless of what time it is. We look forward to working with you.