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Welcome.  Whether you are the person filing or receiving the State or Federal lawsuit, our staff of San Diego trial lawyers can help. Our 30 years of experience as San Diego trial lawyers have taught us many tricks of the trade and we can share them with you to offer you the advantage you can't be without. We have represented all sizes of companies with their problems and the fact that one of the country’s top negotiators is our lead attorney has helped tremendously…we rarely go to trial…we resolve the problem, and you save money and much more. We treat litigation as a war game…and with SanDiego Trial & Employment Lawyers, it’s all about strategy and a plan.

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There is a reason other trial lawyers, doctors, & CEOs who can afford ‘anyone’ choose ‘our’ firm….our strategies, and our trial lawyers!

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Many trial lawyers treat a lawsuit as something they can work through over a long period of time in order to generate a large amount of fees. We are not about that. We would prefer to exceed your expectations as to results and cost so that you feel you are doing your friends a big service by referring us. We have clients who fly in from San Francisco and drive from LA; there is no shortage of lawyers in those cities. Don’t get us wrong, in some cases that lawyer is on the other side and he or she forces you into a costly position. There are, however, a number of strategies you can employ in order to make it come to a halt more rapidly. Not all trial lawyers are aware of these methods, or can execute them with skill. We are business people first, lawyers second. We get the job done. We know you have better things to do and money is always an issue. However, you are in a lawsuit and need to deal with the issue. Call us to understand how our trial lawyers can be very strategic and stretch your dollars.

I am working with Steven Ryznik for our immigration matter. He is amazing and I can say that with confidence since I have met with numerous immigration lawyers and had two previous lawyers screwing up our case. He is very knowledgeable, returns calls within 10 minutes, in other ...
Vicky P.
Steven is a fantastic lawyer - not just because he won me a nice settlement last year but because he never tries to nickle and dime me. He is very easy to get in contact with and has offered me plenty of free advice that has saved me a lot ...
Stephen C.
Absolutely wonderful. Was honest about my situation and didn't push me for services since I didn't need them. Helped me out with one question and didn't charge me.
Paul F.
Mr. Riznyk is by far the most well rounded attorney that I have had the opportunity to meet. His experience and negotiation skills are two things you must have on your side when dealing with any business litigation matter. He was very willing to help even late in the day ...
Martin R.
I was very happy with my free initial consultation with the lead attorney at San Diego Trial & Employment Lawyers. He was very knowledgeable, and he gave me considerable useful information.
Justin C.
Mr. Riznyk was very outgoing, professional and very considerate and compassionate. Handled my situation and i will never look for another attorney.
Anthony T.
A "Lawyer in Style" is probably the best way to describe my experience with Mr. Riznyk.I had an issue with my Home Owner Association, where I found them in violation of the very governing documents they are supposed to uphold. I had to get a legal advice on the ...
Garik M.
Since i moved here from Los Angeles a few years ago I didn't know many lawyers but a good friend recommend that I meet Steven Riznyk from San Diego Trial & Employment Lawyers. My meeting with Steven was excellent. He understood my problems and assured me that all ...
Ron G.
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Daniela G.
"I was accused of a hit and run. The police towed my vehicle and wanted to impound it for a week which would have cost me over $2000.00. Mr. Riznyk negotiated with the police sergeant to have my car released the same day and to drop the charges. I was ...
Barry C.

Litigation Explained

Before our San Diego trial lawyers share our strategies with you, let us outline litigation. There is State and there is Federal litigation. Once a lawsuit, also called a complaint, is filed, you have a certain number of days, 30, in which to file an answer. Once an answer is filed, there is a long stretch between that period of time and the trial. In that time period, normally 2 events can take place: discovery, and motions. Discovery is where you obtain information about the other party’s case using a number of tools such as Requests for Admission Requests, for Production, Interrogatories, or Depositions. Motions are where you ask the court for something that you want to happen. Depending on how aggressive you want to be in discovery, your fees can stay low or get high.  Very few cases make it to trial for many good reasons. The key is successful discovery. Discovery is an art, it is not what it looks like. Call us and speak to one of our trial lawyers who can demonstrate how things in this area of law are not always what they seem. The key is knowing what to do and how. We get the job done, the first time.

Trial Strategy

Let’s say you want to file a lawsuit with someone who did something wrong. You can prepare a lawsuit and file it with the court, have San Diego Litigation Lawyerit served, and away you go. Now you are forced into spending money. However, there are two alternatives: negotiation and creating a lawsuit without filing it (see below). At the end of the day, litigation is as much a game of strategy as it is a game of law. As they say, he or she who has the best lawyer wins; or another one is, whoever says you can’t have it all, hasn’t met my lawyer yet. There is an art to law. Our San Diego trial Lawyers are strategic and this is no different than a good chess game. Each move has pros and cons. You have to know what move to execute, how and when. This is where we shine. This is what we enjoy about our work.

San Diego Trial Lawyers


One alternative is to have us negotiate the case. Negotiation is very different than arbitration or mediation. It is rapid (usually takes a week) and its goal is to preserve the relationship amongst the parties (which is why it is so useful in domestic disputes). Steven Riznyk has undone kidnappings, extortion, blackmail, and career destruction over the phone, in a week, with NO money changing hands (the hard part), so unless you have something that critical and complicated, we can probably negotiate your issues rapidly and to your satisfaction. Just something to think about. To learn more about negotiation, visit our Negotiation Page.

Preparing a Lawsuit Without Filing

Very few litigation attorneys will tell you about this because they cannot make a lot of money using this. However, what you can do, is prepare a fully-blown lawsuit and not file it. Now you have something to negotiate with as often what the other party wants to experience is that you have some grounds to stand on and they must know that you will pursue your claim. If that is the case, you will often find that simply preparing the lawsuit and sending it to them will do the job. However, if they do not comply both you and the other side realize that there will be consequences as this sort of maneuver has no value if you don’t later go through with it. If you bluff and the other party eventually takes action against you, they will later not believe that you will stand behind your word.

Discovery in Litigation

One of the tools we have found very useful is that of research. In one deposition our litigation attorneys conducted, we researched the person being deposed and his lawyer. When the critical time came in a deposition our litigation attorney presented a lawsuit that his lawyer had prepared ‘against’ him and had never served for whatever reason. He fired the lawyer and the case was settled in 5 minutes. The power of discovery is not just in finding out what every litigator can, it’s in finding out what takes work to discover. This is where we shine. We have a number of resources available, least of which the brilliant people who work for us and can cut to the chase of a complex issue in minutes to understand what is really at stake and what needs to be done to put the matter to rest. We are not here to churn the case and make money that way. We are here to get you the results you want so that you make SanDiego Trial & Employment Lawyers your first call when you ever need a trial lawyer in the future.

San Diego Trial Lawyers

To Save You Money We Created ‘Lunch or Dinner with Your Trial Lawyer’

Our San Diego trial attorneys know you want to save money without cutting corners. Once hired and our lawyers are into the discovery phase of your case, you will receive an invitation to lunch or dinner. This allows you to spend a couple of hours with us at our expense, and we will go through the intricacies of your case so you are comfortable with where you are at- no cost to you, for the dinner or the legal time. You will not only meet with your litigator, but with the firm’s lead attorney.

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