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Quid pro quo sexual harassment: What you should know about it

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Sexual Harassment

Sadly, some employees experience sexual harassment in their workplace. This can occur in different ways, one of them being quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Here is what to know about this type of sexual harassment:

What is it?

Quid pro quo is Latin for ‘something for something” or “a favor for a favor.” Thus, quid pro quo sexual harassment is when someone conditions a job, a promotion, a raise, a professional opportunity or any other work benefit on submission to sexual advances.

The demands are typically made by someone in authority, such as an employer, a supervisor or a manager.

An example is an employer saying they will not fire an employee if they offer a sexual favor. The employee may have made a mistake that warrants a dismissal.

Another example is a manager making sexual advances to a job interviewee and implying they must comply if they want the job.

How can you report it?

If a supervisor or manager was the perpetrator, report the case directly to your employer. But if you can’t or believe you won’t get satisfactory help internally, consider filing a claim against the perpetrator.

To do this, you will prove certain elements. These include:

  • You were an employee or a job candidate for the company
  • The alleged harasser made unwelcome sexual advances as a condition for certain employment benefits
  • The alleged harasser was in authority at the time of the alleged harassment
  • Your alleged harasser’s conduct harmed you

Note that you can take action against the harasser even if you submitted to their inappropriate advances.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment can create a hostile work environment. If you have experienced it, obtain more information about your case to protect your rights.